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Adududuuuu... Brapa lama sudah yah tinggalkan blog ini? Haha.. Syukur (Perkataan 'nasib' sudah di banned!) sebab ku masih lagi ingat password blog ku. Haha.. Anyway, sebelum ku nak tulis, ku surf internet n blog org lain utk melihat apa yang mereka 'blog' kan dan apa yang mereka fikirkan. Blog seperti personaliti kita. Maksud saya? Ok.. Ini macam bha~.. Setiap org punya minat, punya cerita yang berlainan, ada yang suka ceritakan pasal makanan, ada yang suka post gmbr yang mereka shoot, dan ada juga yang guna blog utk lepaskan geram? ahahaaa! Ada juga orang seperti itu. But nevermind, this is my blog and i hope i can personalize my blog according to my taste. Do u ever wish that someday you can be someone else? From being a teacher to a fisherman? Or from being a boring and 'no-life' student to a extreme hiker? Well, we don't have 9 life like cat (if it's true!) so we need to appreciate every moment especially when we are young and energetic. So i would like to share some of my memories when I joined (for the first time) Kembara Club organized by Kuching Polytechnic. Here's some of the pic!

                                                 Im doing some absailling from Fairy Cave, Bau.

                                              Thank God I reach the bottom and live to tell the tale!

                                               After absailling, direct to rock climbing!!! Bengong~

                                 This is me, climbing the rock wall. Please.. There is no camera trick okay!

I have an amazing experience during this camp. Even we have some issue about 'Senior-Junior' but what the heck? Do i care? Hahahahaaa!! What is the most important is, i have crafted a new history in my life. I will treasure this moment. Thanx 4 the memories~ Tata~


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